Accessing Your Tour

There are several different ways you and your customers can access your Google Indoor Street View Tour:

On a computer (3 methods):

1) Do a Google search for business name, type the word near, city and state (best to use state abbreviations, ie: NH, ME etc.).
For example, to search for Stonewall Kitchen in York Maine, type: Stonewall Kitchen near York ME
When you see it come up, look to the right for images, one of them will say “See Inside”. Click on it.

Google Organic Search results

2) Go to and search on the name of your specific business with the city and state it’s in. In the left hand side column, there should be an image of the inside of your business or tour. Click on that image.

Google Maps results

If the image doesn’t show up, click on your business name in the left column, and when the info bubble appears over your business on the map, click on “more info” link to the right of your business name. This will take you to your Google+ Local Page. See diagram below.

3) Go to Google+ Local Search at: and search for your business with the city and state. Click on the name of your business in the results. You are now on your Googl+ Local Business Listing. Click on the image right below “SEE INSIDE”.

Google Plus Bussiness Listing


On an iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch (iOS 6 and up):

Open the Google Maps app (or go to in Safari or Chrome browser app), search for your business name, city, state. If you’re in the Google Maps App, drag/pull up on the little white info window at the bottom, and scroll until you see the “See Inside” image, and click on that.  (If you’re in the browser, simply click on the little Peg Man icon at the bottom right.)

Google Maps iPhone Virtual Tour Instructions

NOTE: on older iPhones/iPads/iPod Touch (iOS 5 and older): When the pin drop pops up, click on the little man icon to the left of your business name that pops up. You are now in Street View. Now simply click/tap the arrows to navigate and walk right inside as you normally would if you were there in-person.

On an Android Smart Phone or Tablet:

Open the Google Maps app, search for your business name, city, state, and when the Pin Drop shows up with your business name over it, click on your business name, and then in the window that opens up at the top left, scroll down until you see “See Inside”, and click on that image.

Google Indoor Street View Virtual Tour Android Tutorial

On all devices, simply use the white arrows to navigate around the business, and drag left and right with your finger/mouse to look left and right. Enjoy!

Don’t have a tour for your business yet? Register here and we’ll contact you with more information.